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Welcome to our support website for the business case “Digitally-powered Customer-centricity in the Industrial Gas Sector: The Air Liquide-Airgas Merger".

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The case focuses on Air Liquide’s ambitious goal to become the most customer-centric industrial and healthcare gases supplier by developing customer intimacy through digital technologies following its acquisition of US company Airgas. The case puts readers in the shoes of VP Olivier Blachier who took on the task to articulate for the board Air Liquide’s vision of customer centricity and digital strategy. Doing so requires first to unpack the type of relationships that Air Liquide/Airgas have with their core customer segments before reviewing and selecting relevant digital technology – from AI to big data, social media or even robotics – for their small, mid-size and large customers, respectively. It also requires to adopt new organizational structures that support the group’s digital transformation, foster agility in a fast-paced environment and and turn Air Liquide into a learning agent.


Teaching objectives

The following objectives can be pursued individually or in combination: 1) How can companies create value through customer centricity? 2) How can brands create a competitive advantage by aligning their level of digital maturity with that of their customers? 3) How do digital technologies affect the type / nature of relationships between B2B companies and their customers? 4) How to select relevant digital technologies for specific types of customers / customer relationships and design a digital strategy in a B2B context? 4) How can brands become more customer-centric through digital technologies? 5) How can large B2B organizations integrate digital technologies into their organization 6) How can B2B companies leverage big data to generate new customer insights? 6) How can B2B companies transform their organization to integrate digital technologies and become more customer centric?