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Welcome to our support website for the business case "Crisis at the Mill: Weaving an Indian Turnaround - Alvarez & Marsal".

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Prizes and Awards

2016 - winner of the 2015 EFMD Case Writing Competition in the category “Indian Management Issues and Opportunities”.




Emerging markets are challenging and require special expertise. India in particular is known to be a tricky business environment. The case follows two senior executives from Alvarez & Marsal’s India practice as they deal with an urgent request from one of their US private equity clients, Sapphire Capital. A former employee is claiming that irregular activities by senior management are at the root of the company’s financial difficulties. The turnaround team needs to act quickly yet must tread carefully in case the accusations prove unfounded. The second part of the case describes how the A&M team deals with the situation and the action they take to restore and restructure the ailing Indian company.

Teaching Objectives

When times are good, (almost) anyone can lead; it is leading at difficult times that separates the wheat from the chaff. This case provides the opportunity for professionals to try their hand at a challenging turnaround situation in which financial distress is exacerbated by allegations of fraud. Add India, the setting, to the mix and it could be described as a 'perfect storm'.

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