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Eat like Andy (Superbowl 2019)

Iconic Burger King Campaigns 1974-2008

Have it Your Way (1974)

Aren’t You Hungry For Burger King Now? (1981)

Featuring Sarah Michelle Gellar

Subservient Chicken (2004)

I Am Man (2007)

Inspired by the “I am Woman” 70’s song by Helen Reddy

Whopper Freakout (2007)

Whopper Sacrifice (2008)

Controversial campaigns 2006-2010

Eat like a Snake (2006)

Video about the controversy

Whopper virgins (2008)

Video about the controversy

Sponge Bob Square Butts (2009)

Video about the controversy

Texican Whopper (2010, Spain)

Video about the controversy

Wake Up with the King (2009)

Gone Crazy (2010)

Video about the controversy

Pre Fernando Machado Campaign "Exciting Things are Happening at Burger King" (2012)

Steven Tyler (crispy chicken)

David Beckham (smoothies)

Salma Hayek (salad)

Jay Leno (new menu)

Mary J. Blige (crispy chicken)

Watch unaired ad and controversy featuring Omarosa Manigault