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Eastern Condiments is a three-part case focused on the challenges of distributing spices in Southern India from 2008-2012. Case (A) describes the strategy and tactics used by Eastern Condiments to dominate in its home market of Kerala. Subsequently, its efforts to grow in the adjoining state of Karnataka prove disappointing. What should Eastern do to turn around its fortunes? Case (B) describes the strategy and tactics employed to drive the business forward in Karnataka, and their consequences. Meanwhile, the company’s Kerala operations begin to stagnate, posing another challenge: How to revive growth in the home market? Case (C) concludes the series with Eastern’s revised strategy in Kerala.

Teaching Objectives

  • Heighten understanding of the relationship between customer insight, market characteristics and a firm’s channel design and distribution model.
  • Illustrate the fundamentals of channel design and execution: mapping channel functions and flows to the firm’s go-to-market strategy.
  • Reinforce the importance of alignment of all elements of sales strategy (i.e., sales role design, hiring, training, motivation, evaluation and compensation), and
  • The adaptation of the firm’s salesforce control system to the local market context.


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