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The Essilor Korea case series focuses on the efforts of Stephen Shawler as he attempts to build a world-class joint venture between French-based Essilor and its Korean partner, Samyung Trading. Facing huge cultural barriers and partner relationship issues, Shawler must determine the targets and tactics of several change initiatives. Each of the (A), (B) and (C) cases deals with a different set of decisions for Shawler; the (D) case provides a summary of final observations.

Teaching Objectives  

The Essilor case series provides a rich vehicle for discussing the leadership of change. Issues include determining strategy, staffing, cross-cultural management, building organisational competencies, and determining communications strategy. Given the range of challenges presented, the case series can be used in a comprehensive one half-day session in an executive programme or across four shorter MBA sessions on leading change. Alternatively, the Essilor case series can be used in a course on the challenges of managing international joint ventures.

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