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It is now recognized that new venture start-ups can offer a career choice that is a little sexier, a little wilder, and in the long run equally lucrative, to the consulting or banking jobs that typically dominate post-MBA career paths.

The FrogPubs case describes two entrepreneurial “bad boys” who ten years ago chose a different path, forming a partnership to develop their own, traditional business start-up. In the case, the two entrepreneurs discuss the thrills and chills involved in writing and implementing their business plan, as well as the lessons they learned while building their successful business brick by brick.

The case study is organized in a way that allows discussion based on natural focus points – ranging from potential bankruptcy in the early days, to later issues of personnel management, joint-venture partnership and protecting and exploiting a unique but maturing business concept.

Pedagogical Objectives

This case focuses on the challenges that entrepreneurs face as they attempt to exploit growth opportunities with a new venture.

Each section of the case looks at the issues that entrepreneurs face as they launch and grow their firm.

As the case evolves, we explore different decisions confronting the entrepreneurs related to growth, organization development and new strategic opportunities.

As the case concludes, FrogPubs has multiple locations, and it is time for the entrepreneurs to consider and refine their personal vision for the business and their own career expectations.

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