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This case traces the evolution of the private equity investment platform of the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan (Teachers'), the largest single-profession pension plan in Canada. Unlike the typical pension fund, Teachers' forged a pioneering approach to investing by making a concerted push towards direct investing in private equity, well before disintermediation became popular among limited partners (LPs). The case follows Jim Leech, CEO of Teachers' and formerly head of Teachers' Private Capital, the private equity arm of the pension plan. It traces the multi-year journey during which Teachers' worked to develop in-house the competence and the culture required to move beyond fund investments into direct deals. The case discusses the advantages and limitations of the direct investing model, contrasts it with other approaches to investing in private equity, and raises important issues for institutional investors pursuing strong risk-adjusted returns.

Pedagogical Objectives

This case requires readers to have a basic understanding of the private equity investment model and familiarity with the typical relationship between general partners (GPs) and limited partners (LPs). The purpose is to introduce readers to the different private equity investment approaches available to LPs: from investing purely in funds and co-investing in deals alongside funds with varying degrees of influence to investing directly in deals, be it for a minority or controlling stake. In particular, thecase delves into the attractiveness of the direct investing model for LPs, offering insights into the internal capability, governance framework and organisational culture that LPs need to build in order to implement such a model successfully and benefit from its inherent cost savings. The case also discusses the challenges of sustaining and scaling up a direct investment capability, and, more broadly, the challenges that arise in managing a comprehensive private equity programme.


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