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Case Studies by Warren David Tierney

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published: 26 May 2015

  • Topic: Leadership & Organisations
  • Industry: Mobile Gaming and Software Entertainment
  • Region: Europe

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Organizational design can be complex, involving many different levers. But at its roots are a few fundamental formal structures or forms: functional, matrix, and divisional. This case tracks the early history of a (fictitious) start-up company in the software/mobile entertainment industry that rapidly expands and needs to consider the pros and cons of these various archetypes of formal structure.

Pedagogical Objectives:
The case is short and to the point, allowing the reader to quickly see the strengths and challenges of three different structural forms (functional, matrix, divisional). It is told as a story of a young company that faces organizational design challenges as it grows. The case is ideal as a discussion vehicle, giving the reader just enough information to motivate a deeper discussion of structural forms, encouraging readers to pull in their own experiences (rather than being a highly context-specific or 'closed' case study).

Formal Structure, Organization Design, Functional Structure, Matrix Structure, Divisional Structure, Structural Change, Organization Change, Corporate Governance, Value Creation, Strategy and Implementation

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