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published: 26 Feb 2018

  • Topic: Strategy
  • Industry: Financial services
  • Region: Global

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The case discusses different steps which Mastercard has followed in its digital transformation journey. They involve opportunity framing, creating innovation pathways, finding digital transformation opportunities, and innovation with partners within adaptive ecosystems. With the objective to stop competing with other payment processing firms (like Visa or Amex) and start competing with cash, Mastercard has moved from an undifferentiated processor of payments to a builder of unique technological platforms.

Pedagogical Objectives:
- Illustrate a four-step digital transformation journey
- Demonstrate how companies can build innovation pathways for digital transformation and beyond
- Provide examples of successful ecosystem building strategies in for-profit and non-for-profit sectors

Strategy, Digital Trasformation, Fintech, Ecosystems, Platforms, Innovation, Innovation Labs, Innovation Processes, Partnerships

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