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published: 25 Mar 2019

  • Topic: Leadership & Organisations
  • Region: Europe

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Imagine a high-tech environment which is a hive of creativity and collaboration, where people think in terms of platforms and ecosystems, and are asked to provide a rapid response in pursuit of a goal. While a start-up setting in a tech hub will likely come to mind, such a setting is typical of a more traditional (yet advanced) organization – the military. What makes the military context different is the role of discipline. While the word discipline conjures up an image of repetitive behaviour – the opposite of creativity – it is key to the way a modern air force copes with the need for creative responses, adaptation, and the integration of digital technologies.

Pedagogical Objectives:
To understand the roots of creative action and effectiveness in organizations that are traditionally typecast as hierarchical.

Discipline in Organizations, Organization Culture, Creativity, Decision Making, Judgement

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