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Selected Case

Monoprix Award winner Prize Winner
published: 09 Jan 1997

  • Topic: Marketing
  • Industry: Retailing
  • Region: Europe

The Monoprix case describes the strategic challenges facing France’s largest variety store company. Confronted by the competition of more cost-efficient and/or more specialized retailers, the company is striving to get the best of both worlds (i.e., become more focused and significantly more cost-efficient). Case data are based on in-depth interviews of Monoprix top executives, on corporate records (both financial and marketing) and selected published data.

Pedagogical Objectives:
This case discusses the difficulties of repositioning an old retail concept (from mass to multi-focused retailing; from price to value-oriented; from product to service-driven, etc); it also underlines the difficulty of modifying a corporate culture in order to perform the desired strategic changes.

Retailing, France, Strategies, Consumer, Supermarket, Europe, Chain

Prizes won:
- Winner of 1998 EFMD Case Writing Competition, Retailing Category