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Selected Case

published: 01 Jul 2003

  • Topic: Strategy
  • Industry: Air Transportation
  • Region: Europe

Case Writers: Alessandro BUCCELLA and Herman FUNG The note describes the competitive context of the European Airline Industry in early 2003. That airline industry has chronic performance problems. Yet, after September 11, the global recession, and the 2nd Iraq War, the global airline industry is amidst the worst crisis in history. Yet, in the middle of the crisis, some airlines using the “low-cost carrier” business model are experiencing profitable growth. The note describes the economics of the airline industry, with special attention to other participants in the airline supply chain that obtain acceptable returns. The competitive among the different business models in the European airline industry (network carriers, low-cost carriers, charters, etc) are also discussed.

Pedagogical Objectives:
This case can be used to explore the following themes: Industry analysis, including examination of entry and rivalry, and vertical power in the supply chain Competition within and between different business models with different relative advantages Identification of sources of competitive advantage of the �low-cost carrier� strategy Managing capacity in a chronically underperforming industry

Airlines, Low Cost Carriers, Competition, Network Carriers, Entry, Competitive Strategy, Entry Deterrence, Strategic Groups, European Competitiveness, Europe