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Selected Case

published: 08 Jan 2005

  • Topic: Strategy
  • Industry: Cellular Telephone
  • Region: Global

The case describes the adoption of two competing mobile internet services in Europe: i-mode (which was very successful in Japan) and Vodafone live!. Case describes the players in the mobile internet ecosystem (operators, handset manufacturers, content providers) in Europe, and describes the competing offerings (technology, marketing, relationships with complementors). The challenge for these platforms in 2003 was to achieve mass market adoption of their services.

Pedagogical Objectives:
The case allows discussion of co-opetition, standards competition and critical mass adoption in a competitive context. - How to manage cooperative and competitive relations with key complementors to ensure adoption? - How to manage the transition from pioneer to mass-market adoption? - How to change the value chain structure to gain leadership within a business ecosystem?

Strategic Alliances, Network Externalities, Complementors, Critical Mass Adoption, Value Chain, Co-Opetition, Standards Competition, European Competitiveness Initiative, European Competitiveness, Europe, Change Management