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Selected Case

published: 03 Jan 2006

  • Topic: Entrepreneurship
  • Industry: IT
  • Region: Europe

This case describes the growth challenges faced by a Paris-based entrepreneur who created a software venture in the Student Relationship Management Space after his INSEAD MBA. Despite a very compelling service and a scalable business model, the venture's potential has been constrained by the lifestyle orientation of the entrepreneur. The case discusses possible growth paths and outlines several financing and organizational alternatives to grow the venture.

Pedagogical Objectives:
This case focus is the challenge of transitioning from a lifestyle venture to a growth venture. It illustrates how lifestyle entrepreneurs can constrain the growth of a venture. The case discussion emphasizes the key trade-off between resource leverage and control, and suggests how it can be resolved.

Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Venture Growth, Application Service Provider, Crm Software Services, Resource Leverage, User-Driven Innovation, European Competitiveness, Europe