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Selected Case

published: 03 Jan 2006

The Katelyn Neilson, MBA case follows the personal and professional development of a young "high-potential" within an intensive one-year, full-time MBA programme. Katelyn's background and resume, significant excerpts from her diary, and an evocative picture drawn to visualize her major dilemmas, provide vivid illustrations of the unfolding of a major life transition.

Pedagogical Objectives:
The core themes in the case are personal and professional development, and the dynamics of life transitions. It is most useful at times when students are considering changes in career or personal direction. It also provides the opportunity to introduce reflective activities on the student's own situation, on the trajectory of their life, and on the dilemmas they may be encountering, or expect the encounter on their path. Work life balance, coaching, and gender differences in life transitions can also be addressed.

Life Transition, Mba, Career Transition, High Potentials, Personal Development, Professional Development, Work Life Balance, Coaching, Women