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Selected Case

published: 01 Dec 2008

  • Topic: Family Business
  • Industry: Hearing devices
  • Region: Europe

The case describes the way in which members of a family owning a business try to put together a family meeting to discuss the future of the enterprise. The case allows a discussion of the question of rules for family members working in the business, ownership distribution, family meetings, reconciling individual interests… all the elements of what family business scholars and practitionners term "family governance".

Pedagogical Objectives:
The objective of the case is to allow participants to grasp the issues at stake for members of a third generation family business, using "hands on" communication tools (similar to those suggested to participants for use in their own family meetings).

Family Business, Family Business Governance, Family Meetings, Family Constitutions, Family Business Communication, Family Govertance, Corporate Governance, Corporate Governance for Family Firms