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Selected Case

published: 14 Jan 2010

  • Topic: Strategy
  • Region: Europe

One observes that despite the continued application of superior personal strategies and leadership throughout Napoleon's lifetime, success eluded him in the end. A pattern is observed of meteoritic rise in the early stages (victories in the battle of Lodi, Marengo, Austerlitz) and a downfall later (Russian invasion, Waterloo). What is behind this rise and fall? Can any reasonable explanations be found? Exploring these questions is the motivation of this case.

Pedagogical Objectives:
The ultimate aim of the case is to realize that a good strategy should have both good content and good execution. To produce a good strategy, a proper interaction with people or more accurately, a proper decision-making process, during the strategy formulation is critical.

Corporate Governance, Value Creation, Strategy and Implementation, Wicfe, Education, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Governance, Parallel Planning, Strategy, Boards