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Selected Case

published: 25 Jan 2011

  • Topic: Leadership & Organisations
  • Industry: Public Service, Prison Service
  • Region: Asia

In the late 1990s, faced with a number of burning management issues, a growing inmate population, and a problem of officer recruitment, the director of the Singapore Prison Service implemented a thorough transformation process, developing a new paradigm for modern prison management which impacted the whole of Singaporean society. Case A describes the brave decisions and innovative ideas championed by the directorate, inviting students to slip into the role of senior management and discuss the pros and cons of a key management decision without knowing the outcome (Case B).

Pedagogical Objectives:
?Captains of Lives? charts the issues and stages that typically arise in change management and the transformation of public and private organizations: analysis of the organisation in need of change, changing the paradigm through a visioning process, networking to secure key stakeholder support, motivating staff to get involved, and maintaining business excellence. Focusing on the ?tipping point? when faced with a setback at a critical point, it seeks to show how leaders have to be dedicated to the change process, and, subsequently, how best to follow a period of organisational transformation.

Public Sector, Organisational Transformation, Asia, Change Management, Inspirational Leadership, Visioning, Coaching, Organisational Culture