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Selected Case

published: 25 Jun 2012

  • Topic: Responsibility
  • Industry: Logistics
  • Region: Global

Agility has deployed its logistics expertise and capacities in over 20 disaster relief operations. During the last four years, the corporate CSR team has set up and constantly adapted Agility’s disaster relief programme. It is based on three main pillars: (1) improving Agility’s capacities for the Humanitarian & Emergency Logistics Programme and creating internal support structures, (2) fostering bilateral partnerships with humanitarian organizations, and (3) reinforcing collaboration with the Logistics Emergency Teams. Catching up with the latest relief operation, Frank Clary, Senior Manager for Corporate Social Responsibility, reflects on the company’s learning journey.

Pedagogical Objectives:
This case lays the foundation for a discussion of corporate disaster relief operations and their embeddedness in a broader corporate social responsibility strategy. Teaching topics can include: structuring CSR activities and integrating a disaster relief programme into a broader CSR strategy, the role of a corporate CSR team in supporting a disaster relief programme, managing bilateral cross-sector partnerships and multi-company, integrative partnerships, as well as analyzing CSR-related learning processes.

Corporate Social Responsibility, Disaster Relief, Cross-Sector Partnerships, Learning, Humanitarian Relief, Structuring Csr