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Selected Case

published: 24 Apr 2015

The case illustrates an innovative integrated marketing campaign by Nokia to promote its new phone, the N8. In early January 2010, Stuart Wells, Integrated Global Campaign Lead at Nokia, initiated and supervised the execution of an ambitious integrated marketing campaign. The case follows the decision-making process step-by-step, with particular attention to the use of digital channels in the launch strategy and social media measurement and ROI.

Pedagogical Objectives:
The case can achieve the following objectives individually or in combination: • To explore how Nokia leveraged partnerships with major brands such as Burton and events such as the European Snowboarding Open to launch and further develop the N8 • To discuss what factors should be considered when choosing a community for a targeted social media campaign to launch a product • To focus on how Nokia launched and promoted its new product by implementing a community- and advocacy-based approach • To understand how to evaluate a social media campaign

Social Media, Integrated Marketing, Social Media Roi, Digital Strategy, Strategic Marketing, Digital Campaign, Global Marketing, Awareness Campaign, European Competitivenes, Europe