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Selected Case

published: 16 Dec 2015

  • Topic: Responsibility
  • Region: Global

A multi-issue one-on-one negotiation between a young entrepreneur (John Ambitchious) and a close-to-retirement CEO of a large corporation (George Gried). John and George are considering becoming partners on a venture John is setting up. Besides negotiating the partnership details, George currently works for a potential competitor, thus raising ethical tensions that should be negotiated before committing to a final deal.

Pedagogical Objectives:
. Recognizing and negotiating ethical tensions under a win-win strategy . Managing value creation and claiming in an equity split negotiation or any long-term relationship . Procedural contracts . Managing partisan perceptions . Negotiating interests, not positions

Negotiating Equity Split, Start-Up and Entrepreneurship, Ethics, Ethical Tensions and Sustainability, Negotiating Ethics, Managing Power Differences, Conflict of Interest and Manipulation, Difficult Conversations, Procedural Contract