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Selected Case

published: 26 Jun 2017

Monkey Tie, an entrepreneurial firm based in Paris, focuses on innovative digital HR solutions related to ‘affinity matching’ of people to positions. It represents a major change in the approach to recruitment, using online tools to find a ‘fit’ between the job requirements and the skills and personality of the candidate. The commercial enterprise is supported by an innovative non-profit ecosystem developed by the founders to bring together start-ups in HR, major firms and other public and private stakeholders.

Pedagogical Objectives:
The teaching objectives relate to the firm’s change in strategic direction. The first is to understand how the firm adapts to market demand while developing sources of competitive advantage. The second is to understand value creation and capture for an ecosystem – innovating to create value for stakeholders while limiting value capture by the platform.

Ecosystem, Human Resources, Start-Up, Entrepreneurship, Platform, Digital, Personality, Employment, Recruitment, Not-For-Profit, Algorithm, Career, Affinity Matching