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Selected Case

published: 22 Aug 2018

  • Topic: Strategy
  • Industry: Travel Industry
  • Region: Asia

The case is a combination of strategy formulation exercise and case method. It consists of three parts: 1) Part A looks into the competitive landscape of the travel industry in Korea and ends with the challenging question to participants to create their own blue ocean strategy as a group work. 2) Blue Ocean Shift Exercise is conducted in the classroom using the worksheets. It provides detailed information in a pre-set format. Participants follow the process of blue ocean shift using the Buyer Utility Map, the Noncustomer Analysis, the Six-Path Framework, the E-R-R-C Grid, and the To-Be Strategy Canvas to create their own blue ocean strategy. 3) Part B provides an example of creating a new market space in the travel industry in 2012 in Korea—My Real Trip. This theory-based video case narrates how My Real Trip reconstructed the market boundaries and created new demand in the crowded and divided travel industry. The strategic move can be discussed in the classroom accompanied by lecture slides.

Pedagogical Objectives:
1. To show how fierce competition in Korea’s travel industry led to dissatisfied customers and a price war that put local travel operators in financial trouble. 2. Market creation is not entirely driven by entrepreneurship, based on a random, high-risk endeavor, and conducted through trial and error. With market-creating tools and guidance, anybody can make a market-creating move with confidence and creative competence. 3. While the human element is often sidelined in strategy formulation, a Blue Ocean shift emphasizes the importance of building confidence for creating new growth. Without the confidence to act, few will venture down a new path. 4. My Real Trip identified the market problems and solved them in a different way by looking across industry boundaries – and across time. By offering a different degree and kind of value, My Real Trip achieved a Blue Ocean shift, shaping unfavorable industry conditions in its favor. 5. My Real Trip did not replace the existing industry; it seized new growth and created a new market and jobs that did not exist before. This is nondisruptive creation.

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