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Selected Case

published: 28 Feb 2019

  • Topic: Strategy
  • Region: South America

Case A focuses on the history of Embraer, which has grown to become one of Brazil’s most successful enterprises and the world’s number four global aviation company. After tripling in size from 2000 to 2007, its business succumbed to the global financial crisis. Embraer launched an internal programme for business excellence, resulting in the development of executive jets. Following the success of the ER jet, it continues to diversify its offerings and expand globally. In October 2017, rivals Airbus and Bombardier Inc. announced a partnership for the C Series programme – single-aisle aircraft ranging from 100 to 150 seats. This hailed a new chapter in the industry, which will be marked by competition from other emerging markets, notably China.

Pedagogical Objectives:
Explore the origins and global strategy of one of the most important companies in an emerging market (Brazil); discuss the importance of clusters and global innovation.

Aviation, Tactical Transport Aircraft, Brazil, Bombardier, Scaling, Innovation, Flying Taxi, Regional Jets, Boeing, Airbus, Clusters, Emerging Markets, Uber