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In late 2010, Carlyle is considering an exit from its investment in the European fashion brand Moncler, in which it holds a minority stake. With the capital markets opening up after the global financial crisis, the shareholders begin to prepare the Company for a public listing (IPO). However, by spring 2011, volatility in the financial markets (as the Euro crisis unfolds) is increasing, promoting Carlyle to start a low key secondary sales process as a back-up option. The dual-track process comes to a decision point in early June, when Carlyle must commit to one option (or develop other alternatives).

The case focuses on the complexities of preparing and executing an exit under rapidly changing market conditions, taking varied interests and potential outcomes into consideration.

Pedagogical Objectives

  • To show how private equity firms think about exiting their investments from the outset, and how during their ownership they position a portfolio Company for an exit through strategic decisions.
  • To evaluate the various exit options for a PE firm and discuss how optionality and negotiation leverage in the sales process can be created and maintained.
  • To demonstrate how PE firms make decisions under uncertainity and time constraints, taking a variety of factors into account.

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