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Welcome to our support website for the business case “waterdrop (TM): Changing the Paradigms of the Beverage Industry with Limited Resources and Digital Marketing”.

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INSEAD alumnus Martin Murray is the inventor of waterdrop™, a cube made up of natural aromas, superfood extracts and vitamins that encourages people to drink more water by adding flavour. Although he initially builds a business on a lean budget, he knows that creating a unique brand is key for the success of his innovation. Not only is waterdrop in a category of its own – ‘a microdrink’ – but, unlike most drinks, the cubes can be sold online. With a product positioning ‘drink more water’, he tests the brand on his native Austrian market. The case follows Martin from the initial idea (prompted by the limited drinks range on-board a flight to Singapore) to recruiting a small team to launch what he believes will be a game-changer in the non-alcoholic beverage industry.

Teaching Objectives

  • Brand identity and positioning for start-ups: How to build a strong brand identity with limited resources, leverage market trends and customer intelligence, and position a brand compared to competitors.
  • Digital marketing and branding: How to build a brand across channels on a small budget, create engaging content for target segments, leverage social media for word-of-mouth and community marketing; gamification and mobile strategies.
  • Customer-centric strategies: How to leverage consumer insights for new product ideas at low cost, and integrate seamless omni-channel strategies early on.